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(Optional Mode Line): Document `size-indication-mode'.

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......@@ -756,13 +756,35 @@ hidden lines. This variable becomes local automatically when set.
@node Optional Mode Line
@section Optional Mode Line Features
@cindex buffer size display
@cindex display of buffer size
@findex size-indication-mode
The buffer percentage @var{pos} indicates the percentage of the
buffer above the top of the window. You can additionally display the
size of the buffer by typing @kbd{M-x size-indication-mode} to turn on
Size Indication mode. The size will be displayed immediately
following the buffer percentage like this:
@var{POS} of @var{SIZE}
@end example
Here @var{SIZE} is the human readable representation of the number of
characters in the buffer, which means that @samp{k} for 10^3, @samp{M}
for 10^6, @samp{G} for 10^9, etc., are used to abbreviate.
@cindex narrowing, and buffer size display
If you have narrowed the buffer (@pxref{Narrowing}), the size of the
accessible part of the buffer is shown.
@cindex line number display
@cindex display of line number
@findex line-number-mode
The current line number of point appears in the mode line when Line
Number mode is enabled. Use the command @kbd{M-x line-number-mode} to
turn this mode on and off; normally it is on. The line number appears
before the buffer percentage @var{pos}, with the letter @samp{L} to
after the buffer percentage @var{pos}, with the letter @samp{L} to
indicate what it is. @xref{Minor Modes}, for more information about
minor modes and about how to use this command.
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