Commit b224db38 authored by Agustín Martín's avatar Agustín Martín
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(flyspell-mode-on): Remove redundant (flyspell-mode-hook) run.

(flyspell-mode): Fix docstring in definition.
parent 3e9db557
......@@ -480,7 +480,7 @@ Bindings:
\\[flyspell-correct-word] (or down-mouse-2): popup correct words.
This runs `flyspell-mode-hook' after flyspell is entered.
This runs `flyspell-mode-hook' after flyspell mode is entered or exit.
`flyspell-mode' uses `ispell-mode'. Thus all Ispell options are
......@@ -618,9 +618,7 @@ in your .emacs file.
(if binding
(format "Welcome to flyspell. Use %s or Mouse-2 to correct words."
(key-description binding))
"Welcome to flyspell. Use Mouse-2 to correct words."))))
;; we end with the flyspell hooks
(run-hooks 'flyspell-mode-hook))
"Welcome to flyspell. Use Mouse-2 to correct words.")))))
;;* flyspell-delay-commands ... */
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