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(ALLOC_XPM_COLORS): Define if we can use Emacs' color

allocation functions with the XPM lib.
(struct xpm_cached_color) [ALLOC_XPM_COLORS]: New structure.
(xpm_color_cache) [ALLOC_XPM_COLORS]: New variable.
(xpm_init_color_cache, xpm_free_color_cache, xpm_lookup_color)
(xpm_alloc_color, xpm_free_colors) [ALLOC_XPM_COLORS]: New
(xpm_load) [ALLOC_XPM_COLORS]: Use Emacs' own color allocation
functions, if possible, because these handle color allocation
failure more gracefully.
(Fimage_mask_p): New function.
parent 47e351a3
......@@ -781,6 +781,13 @@ static Lisp_Object x_default_scroll_bar_color_parameter P_ ((struct frame *,
static void x_set_screen_gamma P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
static void x_edge_detection P_ ((struct frame *, struct image *, Lisp_Object,
static void init_color_table P_ ((void));
static void free_color_table P_ ((void));
static unsigned long *colors_in_color_table P_ ((int *n));
static unsigned long lookup_rgb_color P_ ((struct frame *f, int r, int g, int b));
static unsigned long lookup_pixel_color P_ ((struct frame *f, unsigned long p));
static struct x_frame_parm_table x_frame_parms[] =
......@@ -3833,7 +3840,7 @@ x_icon (f, parms)
/* Make the GC's needed for this window, setting the
/* Make the GCs needed for this window, setting the
background, border and mouse colors; also create the
mouse cursor and the gray border tile. */
......@@ -3853,7 +3860,7 @@ x_make_gc (f)
/* Create the GC's of this frame.
/* Create the GCs of this frame.
Note that many default values are used. */
/* Normal video */
......@@ -5369,6 +5376,31 @@ or omitted means use the selected frame.")
DEFUN ("image-mask-p", Fimage_mask_p, Simage_mask_p, 1, 2, 0,
"Return t if image SPEC has a mask bitmap.\n\
FRAME is the frame on which the image will be displayed. FRAME nil\n\
or omitted means use the selected frame.")
(spec, frame)
Lisp_Object spec, frame;
Lisp_Object mask;
mask = Qnil;
if (valid_image_p (spec))
struct frame *f = check_x_frame (frame);
int id = lookup_image (f, spec);
struct image *img = IMAGE_FROM_ID (f, id);
if (img->mask)
mask = Qt;
error ("Invalid image specification");
return mask;
Image type independent image structures
......@@ -5776,7 +5808,7 @@ lookup_image (f, spec)
means build a mask heuristically.
`:heuristic-mask (R G B)'
`:mask (heuristic (R G B))'
measn build a mask from color (R G B) in the
means build a mask from color (R G B) in the
`:mask nil'
means remove a mask, if any. */
......@@ -6018,7 +6050,7 @@ x_find_image_file (file)
/* Read FILE into memory. Value is a pointer to a buffer allocated
with xmalloc holding FILE's contents. Value is null if an error
occured. *SIZE is set to the size of the file. */
occurred. *SIZE is set to the size of the file. */
static char *
slurp_file (file, size)
......@@ -6329,7 +6361,7 @@ xbm_scan (s, end, sval, ival)
buffer's end. Set *WIDTH and *HEIGHT to the width and height of
the image. Return in *DATA the bitmap data allocated with xmalloc.
Value is non-zero if successful. DATA null means just test if
CONTENTS looks like an im-memory XBM file. */
CONTENTS looks like an in-memory XBM file. */
static int
xbm_read_bitmap_data (contents, end, width, height, data)
......@@ -6747,6 +6779,156 @@ static struct image_type xpm_type =
/* Define ALLOC_XPM_COLORS if we can use Emacs' own color allocation
functions for allocating image colors. Our own functions handle
color allocation failures more gracefully than the ones on the XPM
lib. */
#if defined XpmAllocColor && defined XpmFreeColors && defined XpmColorClosure
static void xpm_init_color_cache P_ ((void));
static void xpm_free_color_cache P_ ((void));
static int xpm_lookup_color P_ ((struct frame *, char *, XColor *));
/* An entry in a hash table used to cache color definitions of named
colors. This cache is necessary to speed up XPM image loading in
case we do color allocations ourselves. Without it, we would need
a call to XParseColor per pixel in the image. */
struct xpm_cached_color
/* Next in collision chain. */
struct xpm_cached_color *next;
/* Color definition (RGB and pixel color). */
XColor color;
/* Color name. */
char name[1];
/* The hash table used for the color cache, and its bucket vector
size. */
struct xpm_cached_color **xpm_color_cache;
/* Initialize the color cache. */
static void
xpm_init_color_cache ()
size_t nbytes = XPM_COLOR_CACHE_BUCKETS * sizeof *xpm_color_cache;
xpm_color_cache = (struct xpm_cached_color **) xmalloc (nbytes);
memset (xpm_color_cache, 0, nbytes);
init_color_table ();
/* Free the color cache. */
static void
xpm_free_color_cache ()
struct xpm_cached_color *p, *next;
int i;
for (i = 0; i < XPM_COLOR_CACHE_BUCKETS; ++i)
for (p = xpm_color_cache[i]; p; p = next)
next = p->next;
xfree (p);
xfree (xpm_color_cache);
xpm_color_cache = NULL;
free_color_table ();
/* Look up color COLOR_NAME for frame F in the color cache. If found,
return the cached definition in *COLOR. Otherwise, make a new
entry in the cache and allocate the color. Value is zero if color
allocation failed. */
static int
xpm_lookup_color (f, color_name, color)
struct frame *f;
char *color_name;
XColor *color;
unsigned h = 0;
const char *s;
struct xpm_cached_color *p;
for (s = color_name; *s; ++s)
h = (h << 2) ^ *s;
for (p = xpm_color_cache[h]; p; p = p->next)
if (strcmp (p->name, color_name) == 0)
if (p != NULL)
*color = p->color;
else if (XParseColor (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), FRAME_X_COLORMAP (f),
color_name, color))
size_t nbytes;
color->pixel = lookup_rgb_color (f, color->red, color->green,
nbytes = sizeof *p + strlen (color_name);
p = (struct xpm_cached_color *) xmalloc (nbytes);
strcpy (p->name, color_name);
p->color = *color;
p->next = xpm_color_cache[h];
xpm_color_cache[h] = p;
return p != NULL;
/* Callback for allocating color COLOR_NAME. Called from the XPM lib.
CLOSURE is a pointer to the frame on which we allocate the
color. Return in *COLOR the allocated color. Value is non-zero
if successful. */
static int
xpm_alloc_color (dpy, cmap, color_name, color, closure)
Display *dpy;
Colormap cmap;
char *color_name;
XColor *color;
void *closure;
return xpm_lookup_color ((struct frame *) closure, color_name, color);
/* Callback for freeing NPIXELS colors contained in PIXELS. CLOSURE
is a pointer to the frame on which we allocate the color. Value is
non-zero if successful. */
static int
xpm_free_colors (dpy, cmap, pixels, npixels, closure)
Display *dpy;
Colormap cmap;
Pixel *pixels;
int npixels;
void *closure;
return 1;
#endif /* ALLOC_XPM_COLORS */
/* Value is non-zero if COLOR_SYMBOLS is a valid color symbols list
for XPM images. Such a list must consist of conses whose car and
cdr are strings. */
......@@ -6806,14 +6988,25 @@ xpm_load (f, img)
attrs.colormap = FRAME_X_COLORMAP (f);
attrs.valuemask |= XpmVisual;
attrs.valuemask |= XpmColormap;
/* Allocate colors with our own functions which handle
failing color allocation more gracefully. */
attrs.color_closure = f;
attrs.alloc_color = xpm_alloc_color;
attrs.free_colors = xpm_free_colors;
attrs.valuemask |= XpmAllocColor | XpmFreeColors | XpmColorClosure;
#else /* not ALLOC_XPM_COLORS */
/* Let the XPM lib allocate colors. */
attrs.valuemask |= XpmReturnAllocPixels;
#ifdef XpmAllocCloseColors
attrs.alloc_close_colors = 1;
attrs.valuemask |= XpmAllocCloseColors;
#else /* not XpmAllocCloseColors */
attrs.closeness = 600;
attrs.valuemask |= XpmCloseness;
#endif /* not XpmAllocCloseColors */
#endif /* ALLOC_XPM_COLORS */
/* If image specification contains symbolic color definitions, add
these to `attrs'. */
......@@ -6854,6 +7047,11 @@ xpm_load (f, img)
/* Create a pixmap for the image, either from a file, or from a
string buffer containing data in the same format as an XPM file. */
xpm_init_color_cache ();
specified_file = image_spec_value (img->spec, QCfile, NULL);
if (STRINGP (specified_file))
......@@ -6881,7 +7079,9 @@ xpm_load (f, img)
if (rc == XpmSuccess)
/* Remember allocated colors. */
img->colors = colors_in_color_table (&img->ncolors);
#else /* not ALLOC_XPM_COLORS */
img->ncolors = attrs.nalloc_pixels;
img->colors = (unsigned long *) xmalloc (img->ncolors
* sizeof *img->colors);
......@@ -6892,6 +7092,7 @@ xpm_load (f, img)
register_color (img->colors[i]);
#endif /* not ALLOC_XPM_COLORS */
img->width = attrs.width;
img->height = attrs.height;
......@@ -6928,6 +7129,9 @@ xpm_load (f, img)
xpm_free_color_cache ();
return rc == XpmSuccess;
......@@ -6965,15 +7169,6 @@ struct ct_color **ct_table;
int ct_colors_allocated;
/* Function prototypes. */
static void init_color_table P_ ((void));
static void free_color_table P_ ((void));
static unsigned long *colors_in_color_table P_ ((int *n));
static unsigned long lookup_rgb_color P_ ((struct frame *f, int r, int g, int b));
static unsigned long lookup_pixel_color P_ ((struct frame *f, unsigned long p));
/* Initialize the color table. */
static void
......@@ -10855,6 +11050,7 @@ meaning don't clear the cache.");
defsubr (&Sclear_image_cache);
defsubr (&Simage_size);
defsubr (&Simage_mask_p);
busy_cursor_atimer = NULL;
busy_cursor_shown_p = 0;
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