Commit b2521b0a authored by Francesco Potortì's avatar Francesco Potortì
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Many small improvements in tagging accuracy and capability,

better tagging of DEFUNs, code cleanups.

2001-01-25  Francesco Potorti`  <>

	* etags.c (struct tok): Renamed from struct token.
	(token): Renamed from tok.
	(structtype): Make it a local variable.
	[DEBUG]: Use assert.
	(xrnew): Change the synopsis.
	(typedefs_or_cplusplus): Renamed from typedefs_and_cplusplus.
	(grow_linebuffer): Don't call xrnew when not needed.
	(token): buffer renamed to line.
	(C_entries): Three calls to inibuffer moved here from main.
	(C_entries): Removed all references to var methodlen, delete it.
	(linebuffer_setlen): Was grow_buffer, now also sets len.
	(consider_token, C_entries, Pascal_functions): Use it.
	(C_entries): Preventing problems relative to extern "C".
	(C_entries): Can tag more than one variable or func separated by
	comma when --declarations is used.
	(C_entries): More accurate tagging of members and declarations.
	(yacc_rules): Was global, made local to C_entries.
	(next_token_is_func): Removed.
	(fvdef): New constants fdefunkey, fdefunname.
	(consider_token, C_entries): Use them.
	(C_entries): Build proper lisp names for Emacs DEFUNs.
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