Commit b2a664c0 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(menu-bar-bookmark-map): Add ellipsis to "Jump to

Bookmark", "Set Bookmark", "Insert Contents", "Insert Location",
"Rename Bookmark", "Delete Bookmark".
parent 3fb57290
......@@ -2111,12 +2111,12 @@ strings returned are not."
(define-key map [write] '("Save Bookmarks As..." . bookmark-write))
(define-key map [save] '("Save Bookmarks" . bookmark-save))
(define-key map [edit] '("Edit Bookmark List" . bookmark-bmenu-list))
(define-key map [delete] '("Delete Bookmark" . bookmark-delete))
(define-key map [rename] '("Rename Bookmark" . bookmark-rename))
(define-key map [locate] '("Insert Location" . bookmark-locate))
(define-key map [insert] '("Insert Contents" . bookmark-insert))
(define-key map [set] '("Set Bookmark" . bookmark-set))
(define-key map [jump] '("Jump to Bookmark" . bookmark-jump))
(define-key map [delete] '("Delete Bookmark..." . bookmark-delete))
(define-key map [rename] '("Rename Bookmark..." . bookmark-rename))
(define-key map [locate] '("Insert Location..." . bookmark-locate))
(define-key map [insert] '("Insert Contents..." . bookmark-insert))
(define-key map [set] '("Set Bookmark..." . bookmark-set))
(define-key map [jump] '("Jump to Bookmark..." . bookmark-jump))
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