Commit b2adc409 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fprimitive_undo): When inserting, always insert

after markers (the ordinary kind of insertion).
parent 9856e218
......@@ -477,14 +477,12 @@ Return what remains of the list.")
error ("Changes to be undone are outside visible portion of buffer");
SET_PT (pos);
/* Insert before markers so that if the mark is
currently on the boundary of this deletion, it
ends up on the other side of the now-undeleted
text from point. Since undo doesn't even keep
track of the mark, this isn't really necessary,
but it may lead to better behavior in certain
situations. */
Finsert_before_markers (1, &membuf);
/* Now that we record marker adjustments
(caused by deletion) for undo,
we should always insert after markers,
so that undoing the marker adjustments
put the markers back in the right place. */
Finsert (1, &membuf);
SET_PT (pos);
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