Commit b2b1ccb8 authored by Alexander Gramiak's avatar Alexander Gramiak

Introduce Emacs_Pix_Container and Emacs_Pix_Context typedefs

Emacs_Pix_Container is a pointer to a struct representing pixmap data
on the backend.  Emacs_Pix_Context is the context for the
bitmap/pixmap on the backend.  Only w32 currently makes this
distinction; they are otherwise the same type.

* src/dispextern.h: Remove XImagePtr in favor of
using XImage* directly. Rename XImagePtr_or_DC to Emacs_Pix_Context.
[HAVE_X_WINDOWS] Alias Emacs_Pix_Container and
Emacs_Pix_Context to XImage*.
[HAVE_NS] Alias Emacs_Pix_Container and Emacs_Pix_Context to trivial
Emacs_Pixmap definition.
[HAVE_NTGUI]: Alias Emacs_Pix_Container to XImage* and
Emacs_Pix_Context to HDC.

* src/dispextern.h:
* src/image.c: Use Emacs_Pix_Container over XImagePtr and
Emacs_Pix_Context over XImagePtr_or_DC.
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......@@ -92,16 +92,16 @@ xstrcasecmp (char const *a, char const *b)
#include <X11/Xresource.h> /* for XrmDatabase */
typedef struct x_display_info Display_Info;
typedef XImage * XImagePtr;
typedef XImagePtr XImagePtr_or_DC;
typedef XImage *Emacs_Pix_Container;
typedef XImage *Emacs_Pix_Context;
#define NativeRectangle XRectangle
#include "w32gui.h"
typedef struct w32_display_info Display_Info;
typedef XImage *XImagePtr;
typedef HDC XImagePtr_or_DC;
typedef XImage *Emacs_Pix_Container;
typedef HDC Emacs_Pix_Context;
#ifdef HAVE_NS
......@@ -109,8 +109,8 @@ typedef HDC XImagePtr_or_DC;
#define FACE_COLOR_TO_PIXEL(face_color, frame) ns_color_index_to_rgba(face_color, frame)
/* Following typedef needed to accommodate the MSDOS port, believe it or not. */
typedef struct ns_display_info Display_Info;
typedef Emacs_Pixmap XImagePtr;
typedef XImagePtr XImagePtr_or_DC;
typedef Emacs_Pixmap Emacs_Pix_Container;
typedef Emacs_Pixmap Emacs_Pix_Context;
#define FACE_COLOR_TO_PIXEL(face_color, frame) face_color
......@@ -2996,7 +2996,7 @@ struct image
Non-NULL means it and its Pixmap counterpart may be out of sync
and the latter is outdated. NULL means the X image has been
synchronized to Pixmap. */
XImagePtr ximg, mask_img;
XImage *ximg, *mask_img;
/* Picture versions of pixmap and mask for compositing. */
......@@ -3417,9 +3417,9 @@ ptrdiff_t lookup_image (struct frame *, Lisp_Object);
RGB_PIXEL_COLOR image_background (struct image *, struct frame *,
XImagePtr_or_DC ximg);
Emacs_Pix_Context img);
int image_background_transparent (struct image *, struct frame *,
XImagePtr_or_DC mask);
Emacs_Pix_Context mask);
int image_ascent (struct image *, struct face *, struct glyph_slice *);
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