Commit b2b9d575 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(nntp-open-server): Accept a second optional parameter

for just changing virtual server.  Doc fix.
(nntp-possibly-change-server): Use it.
(nntp-close-server): Ditto.
parent e4b62d7c
......@@ -334,7 +334,10 @@ instead call function `nntp-status-message' to get status message.")
(defun nntp-open-server (server &optional defs)
(defun nntp-open-server (server &optional defs connectionless)
"Open the virtual server SERVER.
If CONNECTIONLESS is non-nil, don't attempt to connect to any physical
(if (nntp-server-opened server)
......@@ -356,16 +359,20 @@ instead call function `nntp-status-message' to get status message.")
(setq nntp-server-alist (delq state nntp-server-alist)))
(nnheader-set-init-variables nntp-server-variables defs)))
(setq nntp-current-server server)
(or (nntp-server-opened server)
(if (member nntp-address nntp-timeout-servers)
(run-hooks 'nntp-prepare-server-hook)
(nntp-open-server-semi-internal nntp-address nntp-port-number))))))
;; We have now changed to the proper virtual server. We then
;; check that the physical server is opened.
(if (or (nntp-server-opened server)
(if (member nntp-address nntp-timeout-servers)
;; We open a connection to the physical nntp server.
(run-hooks 'nntp-prepare-server-hook)
(nntp-open-server-semi-internal nntp-address nntp-port-number)))))
(defun nntp-close-server (&optional server)
"Close connection to SERVER."
(nntp-possibly-change-server nil server)
(nntp-possibly-change-server nil server t)
;; Un-set default sentinel function before closing connection.
......@@ -525,10 +532,10 @@ instead call function `nntp-status-message' to get status message.")
(defun nntp-request-group-description (group &optional server)
"Get description of GROUP."
(if (nntp-possibly-change-server nil server)
(nntp-send-command "^.*\r?\n" "XGTITLE" group)
(nntp-possibly-change-server nil server)
(nntp-send-command "^.*\r?\n" "XGTITLE" group)
(defun nntp-close-group (group &optional server)
(setq nntp-current-group nil)
......@@ -1190,15 +1197,16 @@ defining this function as macro."
(setq list (cdr list)))
(car list))
(defun nntp-possibly-change-server (newsgroup server)
;; We see whether it is necessary to change the newsgroup.
(and newsgroup
(not (equal newsgroup nntp-current-group))
(nntp-request-group newsgroup server)))
(and server
(or (nntp-server-opened server)
(nntp-open-server server))))
(defun nntp-possibly-change-server (newsgroup server &optional connectionless)
"Check whether the virtual server needs changing."
(if (and server
(not (nntp-server-opened server)))
;; This virtual server isn't open, so we (re)open it here.
(nntp-open-server server nil t))
(if (and newsgroup
(not (equal newsgroup nntp-current-group)))
;; Set the proper current group.
(nntp-request-group newsgroup server)))
(defun nntp-try-list-active (group)
(nntp-list-active-group group)
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