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Minor cleanup.

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......@@ -55,10 +55,11 @@ of text properties, overlays, and widgets at point, and lets you get
more information about them, by clicking on mouse-sensitive areas or
moving there and pressing RET.
** The highlight shown when the mouse is over a mouse-sensitive areas
is now cleared when you use the keyboard. The highlight is shown
again when you move the mouse. You can control this behaviour and
disable mouse highlight entirely using the new variable `mouse-highlight'.
** Emacs normally highlights mouse sensitive text whenever the mouse
is over the text. By setting the new variable `mouse-highlight', you
can optionally enable mouse highlighting only after you move the
mouse, so that highlighting disappears when you press a key. You can
also disable mouse highlighting.
** font-lock: in modes like C and Lisp where the fontification assumes that
an open-paren in column 0 is always outside of any string or comment,
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