Commit b2e27d86 authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

Revert "Signal user-error on duplicate package refresh"

That commit caused errors when the connection was dropped in the
middle of a package refresh.  To avoid any further issues this close
to the pretest, we simply remove this feature.  (Bug#39187)

Don't merge to master, where we will instead try to fix the bug.
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......@@ -3175,15 +3175,12 @@ Return (PKG-DESC [NAME VERSION STATUS DOC])."
(defun package-menu--refresh-contents (&optional _arg _noconfirm)
"In Package Menu, download the Emacs Lisp package archive.
Fetch the contents of each archive specified in
`package-archives', and then refresh the package menu. Signal a
user-error if there is already a refresh running asynchronously.
`package-archives', and then refresh the package menu.
`package-menu-mode' sets `revert-buffer-function' to this
function. The args ARG and NOCONFIRM, passed from
`revert-buffer', are ignored."
(when (and package-menu-async package--downloads-in-progress)
(user-error "Package refresh is already in progress, please wait..."))
(setq package-menu--old-archive-contents package-archive-contents)
(setq package-menu--new-package-list nil)
(package-refresh-contents package-menu-async))
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