Commit b2fc9f3d authored by Geoff Voelker's avatar Geoff Voelker
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Include w32heap.h.

(Vw32_start_process_share_console, Vw32_generate_fake_inodes,
Vw32_get_true_file_attributes, Qhigh, Qlow, process_dir):
New variables.
(find_child_console, set_process_dir, Fw32_short_file_name,
Fw32_long_file_name, Fw32_set_process_priority, Fw32_get_locale_info,
Fw32_get_current_locale_id, Fw32_get_default_local_id,
Fw32_set_current_locale): New functions.
(CORRECT_DIR_SEPS): New macro.
(create_child): Create a new console if subprocs don't share parent's.
(reap_subprocess): Don't check for dos subprocesses.
Add debug support.
(sys_wait): Ignore socket child_procs.
Check for quit while waiting.
(w32_executable_type): Renamed from w32_is_dos_binary.
Check for dos and Cygnus executables.
(sys_spawnve): Always use cmdproxy if spawning a dos app.
Use quotes to quote arguments for Cygnus apps, backslashes otherwise.
Handle escape characters.  Escape quotes at start and end, too.
(sys_select): Treat null timeout as infinite.
Add handles of child processes.
Loop over handles round robin to ensure fairness.
(sys_kill): Send ctrl-break and ctrl-c keystrokes to subprocesses
on SIGINT if not sharing consoles, otherwise generate ctrl-break event.
On other termination signals, send WM_QUIT message to Win95 apps
and WM_CLOSE to NT apps.
(syms_of_ntproc): Intern new symbols.  defsubr new functions.
DEFVAR new variables.
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