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More info about fixing problems with colors on a tty.

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......@@ -103,7 +103,23 @@ emulators, but this support relies on the terminfo or termcap database
entry to specify that the display supports color. Emacs looks at the
"Co" capability for the terminal to find out how many colors are
supported; it should be non-zero to activate the color support within
Emacs. (Most color terminals support 8 or 16 colors.)
Emacs. (Most color terminals support 8 or 16 colors.) If your system
uses terminfo, the name of the capability equivalent to "Co" is
In addition to the "Co" capability, Emacs needs the "op" (for
``original pair'') capability, which tells how to switch the terminal
back to the default foreground and background colors. Emacs will not
use colors if this capability is not defined. If your terminal entry
doesn't provide such a capability, try using the ANSI standard escape
sequence \E[00m (that is, define a new termcap/terminfo entry and make
it use your current terminal's entry plus \E[00m for the "op"
Finally, the "NC" capability (terminfo name: "ncv") tells Emacs which
attributes cannot be used with colors. Setting this capability
incorrectly might have the effect of disabling colors; try setting
this capability to `0' (zero) and see if that helps.
Emacs uses the database entry for the terminal whose name is the value
of the environment variable TERM. With `xterm', a common terminal
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