Commit b30b24cb authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(x_term_init): Set the hooks before we call Fset_input_mode.

parent fe8aeef3
......@@ -4850,11 +4850,6 @@ Check the DISPLAY environment variable or use \"-d\"\n",
init_sigio ();
#endif /* ! defined (SIGIO) */
/* Must use interrupt input because we cannot otherwise
arrange for C-g to be noticed immediately.
We cannot connect it to SIGINT. */
Fset_input_mode (Qt, Qnil, Qt, Qnil);
expose_all_windows = 0;
clear_frame_hook = XTclear_frame;
......@@ -4889,6 +4884,9 @@ Check the DISPLAY environment variable or use \"-d\"\n",
off the bottom */
baud_rate = 19200;
/* Try to use interrupt input; if we can't, then start polling. */
Fset_input_mode (Qt, Qnil, Qt, Qnil);
/* Note that there is no real way portable across R3/R4 to get the
original error handler. */
XHandleError (x_error_quitter);
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