Commit b334124a authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Suppress warnings in tildify.el

* lisp/textmodes/tildify.el (tildify--deprecated-ignore-evironments):
(tildify-tildify, tildify-mode): Suppress warnings about obsolete
internal function `tildify--pick-alist-entry'.  Apparently these
semi-deprecated functions rely on each other.
parent db2bd19c
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......@@ -261,7 +261,9 @@ Call CALLBACK on each region outside of environment to ignore. Stop scanning
the region as soon as CALLBACK returns nil. Environments to ignore are
defined by deprecated `tildify-ignored-environments-alist'. CALLBACK may be
called on portions of the buffer outside of [BEG END)."
(let ((pairs (tildify--pick-alist-entry tildify-ignored-environments-alist)))
(let ((pairs (with-suppressed-warnings ((obsolete tildify--pick-alist-entry))
(if pairs
(tildify-foreach-ignore-environments pairs callback beg end)
(funcall callback beg end))))
......@@ -355,7 +357,9 @@ replacements done and response is one of symbols: t (all right), nil
(goto-char beg)
(let ((regexp tildify-pattern)
(match-number 1)
(tilde (or (tildify--pick-alist-entry tildify-string-alist)
(tilde (or (with-suppressed-warnings ((obsolete
(tildify--pick-alist-entry tildify-string-alist))
(end-marker (copy-marker end))
......@@ -365,7 +369,9 @@ replacements done and response is one of symbols: t (all right), nil
(message-log-max nil)
(count 0))
;; For the time being, tildify-pattern-alist overwrites tildify-pattern
(let ((alist (tildify--pick-alist-entry tildify-pattern-alist)))
(let ((alist (with-suppressed-warnings ((obsolete
(tildify--pick-alist-entry tildify-pattern-alist))))
(when alist
(setq regexp (car alist) match-number (cadr alist))))
(while (and (not quit)
......@@ -491,7 +497,9 @@ representation for current major mode, the `tildify-space-string' buffer-local
variable will be set to the representation."
nil " ~" nil
(when tildify-mode
(let ((space (tildify--pick-alist-entry tildify-string-alist)))
(let ((space (with-suppressed-warnings ((obsolete
(tildify--pick-alist-entry tildify-string-alist))))
(if (not (string-equal " " (or space tildify-space-string)))
(when space
(setq tildify-space-string space))
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