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Spelling fixes

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......@@ -1231,7 +1231,7 @@ fix existing bug reports
@c etc/TOOD not in WWW_GNU_ORG
@c etc/TODO not in WWW_GNU_ORG
implement a feature listed in the @file{etc/TODO} file in the Emacs
distribution, and submit a patch.
......@@ -440,7 +440,7 @@ and move to definitions, as well as pop back to the original location.
*** New key bindings
`xref-find-definitions' replaces `find-tag' and provides an interface
to pick one destination among several. Hence, `tags-toop-continue' is
to pick one destination among several. Hence, `tags-loop-continue' is
unbound. `xref-pop-marker-stack' replaces `pop-tag-mark', but uses an
easier binding, which is now unoccupied (`M-,').
`xref-find-definitions-other-window' replaces `find-tag-other-window'.
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ symbol, and each cdr is the same symbol without the `.'."
(mapcar #'let-alist--deep-dot-search data)))))
(defun let-alist--access-sexp (symbol variable)
"Return a sexp used to acess SYMBOL inside VARIABLE."
"Return a sexp used to access SYMBOL inside VARIABLE."
(let* ((clean (let-alist--remove-dot symbol))
(name (symbol-name clean)))
(if (string-match "\\`\\." name)
......@@ -2063,7 +2063,7 @@ for \\[find-tag] (which see)."
;;; Xref backend
;; Stop searching if we find more than xref-limit matches, as the xref
;; infrastracture is not designed to handle very long lists.
;; infrastructure is not designed to handle very long lists.
;; Switching to some kind of lazy list might be better, but hopefully
;; we hit the limit rarely.
(defconst etags--xref-limit 1000)
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ To create an xref object, call `xref-make'.")
The return value must be a string or nil. nil means no
identifier at point found.
If it's hard to determinte the identifier precisely (e.g. because
If it's hard to determine the identifier precisely (e.g., because
it's a method call on unknown type), the implementation can
return a simple string (such as symbol at point) marked with a
special text property which `xref-find-function' would recognize
......@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@ WINDOW controls how the buffer is displayed:
(xref--pop-to-location loc window)))
(define-derived-mode xref--xref-buffer-mode fundamental-mode "XREF"
"Mode for displaying cross-refenences."
"Mode for displaying cross-references."
(setq buffer-read-only t))
(let ((map xref--xref-buffer-mode-map))
......@@ -7870,7 +7870,7 @@ is active. This function is run by `mouse-autoselect-window-timer'."
((or (eq mouse-autoselect-window-state 'suspend)
;; When the mouse is at its first recorded position, restart
;; delayed autoselection. This works around a scenario with
;; two two-window frames with identic dimensions: Select the
;; two two-window frames with identical dimensions: select the
;; first window of the first frame, switch to the second
;; frame, move the mouse to its second window, minimize the
;; second frame. Now the second window of the first frame
......@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@ bool input_pending;
/* True if more input was available last time we read an event.
Since redisplay can take a significant amount of time and is not
indispensible to perform the user's commands, when input arrives
indispensable to perform the user's commands, when input arrives
"too fast", Emacs skips redisplay. More specifically, if the next
command has already been input when we finish the previous command,
we skip the intermediate redisplay.
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
'(nil 1 1 2 nil)))))
(ert-deftest let-alist-remove-dot ()
"Remove firt dot from symbol."
"Remove first dot from symbol."
(should (equal (let-alist--remove-dot 'hi) 'hi))
(should (equal (let-alist--remove-dot '.hi) 'hi))
(should (equal (let-alist--remove-dot '..hi) '.hi)))
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