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(Multiple Terminals, Low-level Terminal)

(Terminal Parameters, Frames on Other TTY devices): New sections.
(Frames): Add an xref to "Multiple Terminals".
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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ terminal, Emacs displays one and only one at any given time---on that
terminal screen, of course. You can create additional frames, either
text-only or GUI, on other terminals from the same Emacs session.
(This comes in handy when you connect to the same session from several
remote locations.) @c FIXME: Add an xref to multi-tty doc.
remote locations.) @xref{Multiple Terminals}.
@cindex window frame
When Emacs communicates directly with a supported window system, such
......@@ -52,9 +52,9 @@ The frame is displayed on an MS-DOS terminal.
@end defun
* Creating Frames:: Creating additional frames.
* Creating Frames:: Creating additional frames.
* Multiple Displays:: Creating frames on other displays.
* Frame Parameters:: Controlling frame size, position, font, etc.
* Frame Parameters:: Controlling frame size, position, font, etc.
* Frame Titles:: Automatic updating of frame titles.
* Deleting Frames:: Frames last until explicitly deleted.
* Finding All Frames:: How to examine all existing frames.
......@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@ The frame is displayed on an MS-DOS terminal.
* Text Terminal Colors:: Defining colors for text-only terminals.
* Resources:: Getting resource values from the server.
* Display Feature Testing:: Determining the features of a terminal.
* Multiple Terminals:: Displaying on several different devices.
@end menu
@xref{Display}, for information about the related topic of
......@@ -2241,6 +2242,109 @@ The functions @code{x-pixel-width} and @code{x-pixel-height} return the
width and height of an X Window frame, measured in pixels.
@end ignore
@node Multiple Terminals
@section Multiple Terminals
@cindex multiple terminals
@cindex multi-tty
A @dfn{terminal} is a display device capable of displaying one or
more Emacs frames. On GNU and Unix systems, Emacs supports any number
of different terminals in one session, and can mix GUI and text-only
frames in the same session.
Emacs represents each terminal on which it displays frames as a
special @dfn{terminal object} data type, see @ref{Terminal Type}. The
terminal object has a unique integer identifier and the following
@itemize @bullet
The name of the device used by the terminal (e.g., @file{/dev/tty}).
The terminal and keyboard coding systems (@pxref{Terminal I/O
Encoding}) used on the terminal.
The type of frames (@pxref{Frames}) the terminal is displaying.
A list of the terminal parameters (@pxref{Terminal Parameters}).
@end itemize
@c This is still under construction.
@defun frame-terminal
@end defun
@defun get-device-terminal device
@end defun
@defun terminal-list
@end defun
* Low-level Terminal:: Low-level manipulation of terminal objects.
* Terminal Parameters:: Parameters common for all frames on terminal.
* Frames on Other TTY devices:: Creating frames on other terminal devices.
@end menu
@node Low-level Terminal
@subsection Low-level Access to Terminals
This subsection describes low-level primitives for accessing and
manipulating Emacs terminal objects. There's no primitive for
creating terminal objects; Emacs creates them as needed when you call
one of the primitives, such as @code{make-frame-on-tty} (@pxref{Frames
on Other TTY devices}), that start displaying on a new terminal.
@defun suspend-tty &optional tty
@end defun
@defun resume-tty &optional tty
@end defun
@defun terminal-live-p object
@end defun
@defun terminal-name &optional terminal
@end defun
@defun delete-terminal &optional terminal force
@end defun
@node Terminal Parameters
@subsection Terminal Parameters
@cindex terminal parameters
This subsection describes how to read and change the parameter
values of a terminal.
@defun terminal-parameters &optional terminal
@end defun
@defun terminal-parameter terminal parameter
@end defun
@defun set-terminal-parameter terminal parameter value
@end defun
@defun environment &optional frame
@end defun
@defvar initial-environment
@end defvar
@node Frames on Other TTY devices
@subsection Frames on Other TTY devices
This subsection documents functions related to displaying Emacs
frames on a terminal device other than the current one.
@defun make-frame-on-tty tty type &optional parameters
@end defun
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@end ignore
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