Commit b4065de3 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Rename renamed nsm.el variables and functions back

* doc/emacs/misc.texi (Network Security): Start working on
updating the NSM bits, but it's unclear how much of the new stuff
to document.

* lisp/net/nsm.el: Rename all nsm-tls-check-* functions to
nsm-protocol-check--* to bring them back into line with the
(network-security-protocol-checks): Renamed back again from
`nsm-tls-checks', as this variable is documented and can't just go
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......@@ -302,7 +302,10 @@ the Transport Layer Security (@acronym{TLS}) features.
@vindex network-security-level
The @code{network-security-level} variable determines the security
level that @acronym{NSM} enforces. If its value is @code{low}, no
security checks are performed.
security checks are performed. This is not recommended, and will
basically mean that your network connections can't be trusted.
However, the setting can be useful in limited circumstances, as when
testing network issues.
If this variable is @code{medium} (which is the default), a number of
checks will be performed. If as result @acronym{NSM} determines that
......@@ -325,13 +328,12 @@ The protocol network checks is controlled via the
@code{network-security-protocol-checks} variable.
It's an alist where the first element of each association is the name
of the check, the second element is the security level where the check
should be used, and the optional third element is a parameter supplied
to the check.
of the check, and the second element is the security level where the
check should be used.
An element like @code{(rc4 medium)} will result in the function
@code{nsm-protocol-check--rc4} being called like thus:
@w{@code{(nsm-protocol-check--rc4 host port status optional-parameter)}}.
@w{@code{(nsm-protocol-check--rc4 host port status settings)}}.
The function should return non-@code{nil} if the connection should
proceed and @code{nil} otherwise.
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