Commit b42b894d authored by Sergey Trofimov's avatar Sergey Trofimov Committed by Martin Rudalics

Fix fit-frame-to-buffer for multi-monitor setup

* lisp/window.el (fit-frame-to-buffer): Call
'frame-monitor-attributes' instead of
'display-monitor-attributes-list'.  Fix geometry calculations for
multiple monitors.

Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
parent 366fd4fd
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......@@ -8794,8 +8794,7 @@ parameters of FRAME."
(parent (frame-parent frame))
(unless parent
(car (display-monitor-attributes-list
(frame-parameter frame 'display)))))
(frame-monitor-attributes frame)))
;; FRAME'S parent or display sizes. Used in connection
;; with margins.
......@@ -8804,11 +8803,11 @@ parameters of FRAME."
(if parent
(frame-native-width parent)
(- (nth 2 geometry) (nth 0 geometry))))
(nth 2 geometry)))
(if parent
(frame-native-height parent)
(- (nth 3 geometry) (nth 1 geometry))))
(nth 3 geometry)))
;; FRAME's parent or workarea sizes. Used when no margins
;; are specified.
......@@ -8870,13 +8869,15 @@ parameters of FRAME."
(nth 2 margins) left-margin
(nth 2 parent-or-workarea)))
(+ (nth 0 parent-or-workarea)
(nth 2 parent-or-workarea))))
(bottom-margin (if (nth 3 margins)
(- parent-or-display-height
(nth 3 margins) top-margin
(nth 3 parent-or-workarea)))
(+ (nth 1 parent-or-workarea)
(nth 3 parent-or-workarea))))
;; Minimum and maximum sizes specified for FRAME.
(sizes (or (frame-parameter frame 'fit-frame-to-buffer-sizes)
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