Commit b4b6bda2 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(dired-isearch-filenames): New user option.

(dired-isearch-orig-success-function): New internal variable.
(dired-isearch-filenames-setup, dired-isearch-filenames-end)
(dired-isearch-success-function): New functions.
(dired-isearch-filenames, dired-isearch-filenames-regexp): New commands.
parent eae2c85e
......@@ -2278,6 +2278,54 @@ Use \\[dired-hide-subdir] to (un)hide a particular subdirectory."
;;;###end dired-ins.el
;; Search only in file names in the Dired buffer.
(defcustom dired-isearch-filenames nil
"*If non-nil, Isearch in Dired matches only file names."
:type '(choice (const :tag "No restrictions" nil)
(const :tag "Isearch only in file names" dired-filename))
:group 'dired
:version "23.1")
(defvar dired-isearch-orig-success-function nil)
(defun dired-isearch-filenames-setup ()
"Set up isearch to search in Dired file names.
Intended to be added to `isearch-mode-hook'."
(when dired-isearch-filenames
(setq dired-isearch-orig-success-function
(default-value 'isearch-success-function))
(setq-default isearch-success-function 'dired-isearch-success-function)
(add-hook 'isearch-mode-end-hook 'dired-isearch-filenames-end nil t)))
(defun dired-isearch-filenames-end ()
"Clean up the Dired file name search after terminating isearch."
(setq-default isearch-success-function dired-isearch-orig-success-function)
(remove-hook 'isearch-mode-end-hook 'dired-isearch-filenames-end t))
(defun dired-isearch-success-function (beg end)
"Match only at visible regions with the text property `dired-filename'."
(and (isearch-success-function-default beg end)
(if dired-isearch-filenames
(text-property-not-all (min beg end) (max beg end)
'dired-filename nil)
(defun dired-isearch-filenames ()
"Search for a string using Isearch only in file names in the Dired buffer."
(let ((dired-isearch-filenames t))
(defun dired-isearch-filenames-regexp ()
"Search for a regexp using Isearch only in file names in the Dired buffer."
(let ((dired-isearch-filenames t))
;; Functions for searching in tags style among marked files.
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