Commit b4c7b510 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Remove never-set var handle_user_signal_hook

* src/keyboard.c, src/keyboard.h (handle_user_signal_hook):
Remove never-set var.  All uses removed.
parent ad879b7f
......@@ -7142,9 +7142,6 @@ struct user_signal_info
/* List of user signals. */
static struct user_signal_info *user_signals = NULL;
/* Function called when handling user signals. */
void (*handle_user_signal_hook) (int);
add_user_signal (int sig, const char *name)
......@@ -7193,8 +7190,6 @@ handle_user_signal (int sig)
if (handle_user_signal_hook)
(*handle_user_signal_hook) (sig);
if (interrupt_input)
handle_input_available_signal (sig);
......@@ -415,8 +415,6 @@ extern void unuse_menu_items (void);
#define EVENT_HEAD_KIND(event_head) \
(Fget ((event_head), Qevent_kind))
extern void (*handle_user_signal_hook) (int);
/* True while doing kbd input. */
extern bool waiting_for_input;
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