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* progmodes/cc-vars.el (c-constant-symbol): New function which supersedes

c-const-symbol.  During a customize-.. call it enables an element of
(e.g.) c-hanging-braces alist to have its name displayed, even when the
default value of c-h-b etc. doesn't include the elemnt.  Replace uses of
the old function by the new.

* progmodes/cc-vars.el (c-hanging-braces-alist): Remove the obscure
non-working fragment ":value c-".
parent 872efa51
......@@ -73,8 +73,27 @@ Useful as last item in a `choice' widget."
:format "%t%n"
:value 'other))
;; The next defun will supersede c-const-symbol.
(defun c-constant-symbol (sym len)
"Create an uneditable symbol for customization buffers.
SYM is the name of the symbol, LEN the length of the field (in
characters) the symbol will be displayed in. LEN must be big
This returns a (const ....) structure, suitable for embedding
within a customization type."
(or (symbolp sym) (error "c-constant-symbol: %s is not a symbol" sym))
(let* ((name (symbol-name sym))
(l (length name))
(disp (concat name ":" (make-string (- len l 1) ?\ ))))
:size ,len
:format ,disp
:value ,sym)))
(define-widget 'c-const-symbol 'item
"An uneditable lisp symbol."
"An uneditable lisp symbol. This is obsolete -
use c-constant-symbol instead."
:value nil
:tag "Symbol"
:format "%t: %v\n%d"
......@@ -405,9 +424,7 @@ in that case, i.e. as if \\[c-indent-command] was used instead."
`(set ,@(mapcar
(lambda (elt)
`(cons :format "%v"
(c-const-symbol :format "%v: "
:size 20
:value ,elt)
,(c-constant-symbol elt 20)
:format "%[Choice%] %v"
:value (column . nil)
......@@ -743,18 +760,15 @@ syntactic context for the brace line."
`(set ,@(mapcar
(lambda (elt)
`(cons :format "%v"
(c-const-symbol :format "%v: "
:size 20
:value ,elt)
,(c-constant-symbol elt 24)
(choice :format "%[Choice%] %v"
:value (before after)
(set :menu-tag "Before/after"
:format "Newline %v brace\n"
(const :format "%v, " before)
(const :format "%v" after))
:format "Newline %v brace\n"
(const :format "%v, " before)
(const :format "%v " after))
(function :menu-tag "Function"
:format "Run function: %v"
:value c-))))
:format "Run function: %v"))))
'(defun-open defun-close
class-open class-close
inline-open inline-close
......@@ -790,11 +804,9 @@ currently not supported for this variable."
`(set ,@(mapcar
(lambda (elt)
`(cons :format "%v"
(c-const-symbol :format "%v: "
:size 20
:value ,elt)
(set :format "Newline %v brace\n"
(const :format "%v, " before)
,(c-constant-symbol elt 20)
(set :format "Newline %v colon\n"
(const :format "%v, " before)
(const :format "%v" after))))
'(case-label label access-label member-init-intro inher-intro)))
:group 'c)
......@@ -1307,8 +1319,7 @@ Here is the current list of valid syntactic element symbols:
(lambda (elt)
`(cons :format "%v"
:value ,elt
(c-const-symbol :format "%v: "
:size 25)
,(c-constant-symbol (car elt) 25)
(sexp :format "%v"
(lambda (widget)
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