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......@@ -358,7 +358,7 @@ now look at the character after point. If a face or faces are
specified for that character, the commands by default customize those
** New language environments: French, Ukrainian, Windows-1251, Tajik,
** New language environments: French, Ukrainian, Tajik,
Bulgarian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, UTF-8, Windows-1255, Welsh, Latin-6,
Latin-7, Lithuanian, Latvian, Swedish, Slovenian, Croatian, Georgian,
Italian, Russian, Malayalam, Tamil, Russian, Chinese-EUC-TW. (Set up
......@@ -386,7 +386,10 @@ Big 5 is then converted to CNS.
** Many new coding systems are available by loading the `code-pages'
library. These include complete versions of most of those in
codepage.el, based on Unicode mappings.
codepage.el, based on Unicode mappings. `codepage-setup' is obsolete,
except for MS-DOS -- its definitions of the coding systems were mostly
incomplete. windows-1252 and windows-1251 are preloaded since the
former is so common and the latter is used by GNU locales.
** The utf-8/16 coding systems have been enhanced.
By default, untranslatable utf-8 sequences (mostly representing CJK
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