Commit b5376e0e authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Skip tests if test subdir is missing

Problem reported by Jeffrey Walton in:
* (CHECK_TARGETS): New macro; use it
to simplify 'check' and similar rules.
($(CHECK_TARGETS)): If tests are missing, do not fail
after issuing a diagnostic.  Just skip the tests.
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......@@ -950,17 +950,15 @@ extraclean: $(extraclean_dirs:=_extraclean)
TAGS tags: lib lib-src # src
$(MAKE) -C src tags
.PHONY: have-tests
@if test ! -d test; then \
echo "You do not seem to have the test/ directory."; \
echo "Maybe you are using a release tarfile, rather than a repository checkout."; \
exit 1; \
.PHONY: check check-maybe check-expensive check-all
check check-maybe check-expensive check-all: have-tests all
CHECK_TARGETS = check check-maybe check-expensive check-all
ifeq ($(wildcard test),test)
$(MAKE) -C test $@
@echo "You do not seem to have the test/ directory."
@echo "Maybe you used a release tarfile that lacks tests."
cd ${srcdir}; ./make-dist
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