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(Buffer Convenience): New.

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......@@ -46,6 +46,8 @@ the value in other buffers. @xref{Locals}.
* Several Buffers:: How to go through the list of all buffers
and operate variously on several of them.
* Indirect Buffers:: An indirect buffer shares the text of another buffer.
* Buffer Convenience:: Convenience and customization features for
buffer handling.
@end menu
@node Select Buffer
......@@ -414,3 +416,42 @@ buffer, but killing an indirect buffer has no effect on its base buffer.
One way to use indirect buffers is to display multiple views of an
outline. @xref{Outline Views}.
@node Buffer Convenience
@section Convenience Features and Customization of Buffer Handling
* Uniquify::
* BS::
* Iswitchb::
* MSB::
@end menu
@node Uniquify
@subsection Directory Names in Buffer Names
@findex toggle-uniquify-buffer-names
@vindex uniquify-buffer-name-style
@cindex unique buffer names
@cindex directories in buffer names
Emacs's standard method for making buffer names unique adds @samp{<2>},
@samp{<3>}, etc. to the end of (all but one of) the buffers. The
Uniquify package replaces that behavior, for buffers visiting files and
dired buffers. It implements a uniquification that adds parts of the
file name until the buffer names are unique. For instance, buffers
visiting @file{/u/mernst/tmp/Makefile} and
@file{/usr/projects/zaphod/Makefile} would be named @samp{tmp/Makefile}
and @samp{zaphod/Makefile}, respectively (instead of @samp{Makefile}
and @samp{Makefile<2>}). You can turn on this mode and select other
buffer name styles by customizing the user option
@code{uniquify-buffer-name-style}. The command @kbd{M-x
toggle-uniquify-buffer-names} can also be used to toggle the mode.
@node BS
@subsection BS Mode: Configurable Buffer Menus
@node Iswitchb
@subsection Iswitchb Mode: Switching Between Buffers using Substrings
@node MSB
@subsection MSB Mode: Customizable Buffer Selection with Multiple Menus
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