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......@@ -251,6 +251,12 @@ argument it toggles the mode.
Turning off PC-Selection mode restores the global key bindings
that were replaced by turning on the mode.
** Emacs now displays a splash screen by default even if command-line
arguments were given. The new command-line option --no-splash
disables the splash screen; see also the variable
`inhibit-startup-message' (which is also aliased as
** Changes in support of colors on character terminals
......@@ -354,6 +360,14 @@ be inconvenient when you did not expect them. The variable
`yank-excluded-properties' specifies which ones. Insertion
of register contents and rectangles also discards these properties.
** Occur, Info, and comint-derived modes now support using
M-x font-lock-mode to toggle fontification. The variable
`Info-fontify' is no longer applicable; to disable fontification,
remove `turn-on-font-lock' from `Info-mode-hook'.
** The Emacs Lisp byte-compiler now displays the actual line and
character position of errors.
** M-x grep now tries to avoid appending `/dev/null' to the command line
by using GNU grep `-H' option instead. M-x grep will automatically
detect whether this is possible or not the first time it is invoked.
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