Commit b578c9cc authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(Building Emacs): Mention preloaded-file-list.

parent 245be23c
2009-09-22 Glenn Morris <>
* internals.texi (Building Emacs): Mention preloaded-file-list.
2009-09-14 Alan Mackenzie <>
* os.texi (Terminal Output): Put "@code{}" around "stdout".
......@@ -52,12 +52,15 @@ preloaded. @file{emacs} starts more quickly because it does not need to
load the files. This is the Emacs executable that is normally
@vindex preloaded-file-list
@cindex dumped Lisp files
To create @file{emacs}, use the command @samp{temacs -batch -l loadup
dump}. The purpose of @samp{-batch} here is to prevent @file{temacs}
from trying to initialize any of its data on the terminal; this ensures
that the tables of terminal information are empty in the dumped Emacs.
The argument @samp{dump} tells @file{loadup.el} to dump a new executable
named @file{emacs}.
named @file{emacs}. The variable @code{preloaded-file-list} stores a
list of the Lisp files that were dumped with the @file{emacs} executable.
Some operating systems don't support dumping. On those systems, you
must start Emacs with the @samp{temacs -l loadup} command each time you
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