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(Help Commands): Add index entries for "prefix ?" keybindings.

parent 38216c30
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
* calc.texi (Vector/Matrix Functions): Add index entries for both
"v" and "V" key bindings. Mention that `calc-matrix-brackets' only
affects matrices with more than one row.
(Help Commands): Add index entries for "prefix ?" key bindings.
2009-07-29 Jay Belanger <>
......@@ -9819,6 +9819,23 @@ stack but resets everything else to its default state.
@cindex Help commands
@kindex ?
@kindex a ?
@kindex b ?
@kindex c ?
@kindex d ?
@kindex f ?
@kindex g ?
@kindex j ?
@kindex k ?
@kindex m ?
@kindex r ?
@kindex s ?
@kindex t ?
@kindex u ?
@kindex v ?
@kindex V ?
@kindex z ?
@kindex Z ?
@pindex calc-help
The @kbd{?} key (@code{calc-help}) displays a series of brief help messages.
Some keys (such as @kbd{b} and @kbd{d}) are prefix keys, like Emacs'
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