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* etc/emacs.appdata.xml: New file


The description is adapted from the Emacs homepage.
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2014-08-28 Glenn Morris <>
* emacs.appdata.xml: New file; description from Emacs's homepage.
2014-07-12 Eli Zaretskii <>
* PROBLEMS: Mention the problem from bug #17950.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Copyright (C) 2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc. -->
<id type="desktop">emacs.desktop</id>
<!-- It is GFDL-1.3+, but appdata-validate complains... -->
<project_license>GPL-3.0+ and GFDL-1.3</project_license>
<name>GNU Emacs</name>
<summary>An extensible text editor</summary>
GNU Emacs is an extensible, customizable text editor - and more.
At its core is an interpreter for Emacs Lisp, a dialect of the Lisp
programming language with extensions to support text editing.
<p>The features of GNU Emacs include:</p>
<li>Content-sensitive editing modes, including syntax coloring, for
a wide-range of file types</li>
<li>Complete built-in documentation, including a tutorial for new users</li>
<li>Full Unicode support for nearly all human languages and their scripts</li>
<li>Highly customizable, using Emacs Lisp code or a graphical interface</li>
<li>Includes a project planner, mail and news reader, debugger
interface, calendar, and more</li>
<screenshot type="default" width="632" height="354"></screenshot>
<url type="homepage"></url>
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