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* timer.el (run-at-time): Doc fix.

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......@@ -36,7 +36,19 @@
Arguments are TIME, REPEAT, FUNCTION &rest ARGS.
TIME, a string, can be specified absolutely or relative to now.
REPEAT, an integer number of seconds, is the interval on which to repeat
the call to the function. If REPEAT is nil, call it just once."
the call to the function. If REPEAT is nil, call it just once.
Absolute times may be specified in a wide variety of formats;
Something of the form `HOUR:MIN:SEC TIMEZONE MONTH/DAY/YEAR', where
all fields are numbers, will work; the format used by the Unix `date'
command will work too.
Relative times may be specified as a series of numbers followed by units:
1 min denotes one minute from now.
min does too.
1 min 5 sec denotes 65 seconds from now.
1 min 2 sec 3 hour 4 day 5 week 6 fortnight 7 month 8 year
denotes the sum of all the given durations from now."
(interactive "sRun at time: \nNRepeat interval: \naFunction: ")
(cond ((or (not timer-process)
(memq (process-status timer-process) '(exit signal nil)))
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