Commit b64b4075 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(modify_event_symbol): Use the cdr of the alist entry.

Whenever value is nil, intern a new symbol.
parent 4e0e7d8e
......@@ -3195,10 +3195,11 @@ modify_event_symbol (symbol_num, modifiers, symbol_kind, name_alist,
/* No; let's create it. */
if (!NILP (name_alist))
value = Fassq (symbol_int, name_alist);
value = Fcdr_safe (Fassq (symbol_int, name_alist));
else if (name_table[symbol_num])
value = intern (name_table[symbol_num]);
if (NILP (value))
char buf[20];
sprintf (buf, "key-%d", symbol_num);
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