Commit b6557553 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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* src/xfaces.c (lookup_face): Make static.

* src/dispnew.c (copy_row_except_pointers): Likewise.
* src/syntax.c (dec_bytepos): Likewise.
(inc_bytepos): Remove.
* src/dispextern.h (lookup_face): Remove declaration.
parent e7424f06
2010-11-20 Andreas Schwab <>
* xfaces.c (lookup_face): Make static.
* dispnew.c (copy_row_except_pointers): Likewise.
* syntax.c (dec_bytepos): Likewise.
(inc_bytepos): Remove.
* dispextern.h (lookup_face): Remove declaration.
2010-11-19 Eli Zaretskii <>
* xdisp.c (set_cursor_from_row): Display cursor after all the
......@@ -3175,7 +3175,6 @@ char *choose_face_font (struct frame *, Lisp_Object *, Lisp_Object,
int ascii_face_of_lisp_face (struct frame *, int);
void prepare_face_for_display (struct frame *, struct face *);
int xstrcasecmp (const unsigned char *, const unsigned char *);
int lookup_face (struct frame *, Lisp_Object *);
int lookup_named_face (struct frame *, Lisp_Object, int);
int lookup_basic_face (struct frame *, int);
int smaller_face (struct frame *, int, int);
......@@ -1180,7 +1180,7 @@ swap_glyph_pointers (struct glyph_row *a, struct glyph_row *b)
/* Copy glyph row structure FROM to glyph row structure TO, except
that glyph pointers in the structures are left unchanged. */
static INLINE void
copy_row_except_pointers (struct glyph_row *to, struct glyph_row *from)
struct glyph *pointers[1 + LAST_AREA];
......@@ -371,23 +371,10 @@ char_quoted (EMACS_INT charpos, EMACS_INT bytepos)
return quoted;
/* Return the bytepos one character after BYTEPOS.
We assume that BYTEPOS is not at the end of the buffer. */
inc_bytepos (EMACS_INT bytepos)
if (NILP (current_buffer->enable_multibyte_characters))
return bytepos + 1;
INC_POS (bytepos);
return bytepos;
/* Return the bytepos one character before BYTEPOS.
We assume that BYTEPOS is not at the start of the buffer. */
dec_bytepos (EMACS_INT bytepos)
if (NILP (current_buffer->enable_multibyte_characters))
......@@ -4540,7 +4540,7 @@ uncache_face (struct face_cache *c, struct face *face)
Value is the ID of the face found. If no suitable face is found,
realize a new one. */
static INLINE int
lookup_face (struct frame *f, Lisp_Object *attr)
struct face_cache *cache = FRAME_FACE_CACHE (f);
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