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Mention t-mouse.el. Touch up description of gdb-ui.el.

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......@@ -1849,6 +1849,10 @@ for pager-like scrolling. Keys which normally move point by line or
paragraph will scroll the buffer by the respective amount of lines
instead and point will be kept vertically fixed relative to window
boundaries during scrolling.
** The file t-mouse.el is now part of Emacs and provides access to mouse
events from the console. It still requires gpm to work but has been updated
for Emacs 22. In particular, the mode-line is now position sensitive.
* Changes in Specialized Modes and Packages in Emacs 22.1:
......@@ -2627,14 +2631,15 @@ and other common debugger commands.
*** The new package gdb-ui.el provides an enhanced graphical interface to
GDB. You can interact with GDB through the GUD buffer in the usual way, but
GDB. You can interact with GDB through the GUD buffer in the usual way, but
there are also further buffers which control the execution and describe the
state of your program. It can separate the input/output of your program from
that of GDB and watches expressions in the speedbar. It also uses features of
Emacs 21/22 such as the toolbar, and bitmaps in the fringe to indicate
Use M-x gdb to start GDB-UI.
To use this package just type M-x gdb. See the Emacs manual if you want the
old behaviour.
*** The variable tooltip-gud-tips-p has been removed. GUD tooltips can now be
toggled independently of normal tooltips with the minor mode
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