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* lisp/server.el: Cosmetic changes

Remove redundant :group args.
(server-temp-file-regexp): Fix ^$ to  \`\'.
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......@@ -96,7 +96,6 @@
(unless load-in-progress
(message "Local sockets unsupported, using TCP sockets")))
(set-default sym val))
:group 'server
:type 'boolean
:version "22.1")
......@@ -108,7 +107,6 @@ DO NOT give this a non-nil value unless you know what you are doing!
On unsecured networks, accepting remote connections is very dangerous,
because server-client communication (including session authentication)
is not encrypted."
:group 'server
:type '(choice
(string :tag "Name or IP address")
(const :tag "Local" nil))
......@@ -121,7 +119,6 @@ is not encrypted."
This variable only takes effect when the Emacs server is using
TCP instead of local sockets. A nil value means to use a random
port number."
:group 'server
:type '(choice
(string :tag "Port number")
(const :tag "Random" nil))
......@@ -138,7 +135,6 @@ NOTE: On FAT32 filesystems, directories are not secure;
files can be read and modified by any user or process.
It is strongly suggested to set `server-auth-dir' to a
directory residing in a NTFS partition instead."
:group 'server
:type 'directory
:version "22.1")
......@@ -166,7 +162,6 @@ communications are unencrypted, still apply.
The key must consist of 64 ASCII printable characters except for
space (this means characters from ! to ~; or from code 33 to
126). You can use \\[server-generate-key] to get a random key."
:group 'server
:type '(choice
(const :tag "Random" nil)
(string :tag "Password"))
......@@ -174,30 +169,25 @@ space (this means characters from ! to ~; or from code 33 to
(defcustom server-raise-frame t
"If non-nil, raise frame when switching to a buffer."
:group 'server
:type 'boolean
:version "22.1")
(defcustom server-visit-hook nil
"Hook run when visiting a file for the Emacs server."
:group 'server
:type 'hook)
(defcustom server-switch-hook nil
"Hook run when switching to a buffer for the Emacs server."
:group 'server
:type 'hook)
(defcustom server-after-make-frame-hook nil
"Hook run when the Emacs server creates a client frame.
The created frame is selected when the hook is called."
:group 'server
:type 'hook
:version "27.1")
(defcustom server-done-hook nil
"Hook run when done editing a buffer for the Emacs server."
:group 'server
:type 'hook)
(defvar server-process nil
......@@ -223,7 +213,6 @@ If it is a frame, use the frame's selected window.
It is not meaningful to set this to a specific frame or window with Custom.
Only programs can do so."
:group 'server
:version "22.1"
:type '(choice (const :tag "Use selected window"
:match (lambda (widget value)
......@@ -233,11 +222,10 @@ Only programs can do so."
(function-item :tag "Use pop-to-buffer" pop-to-buffer)
(function :tag "Other function")))
(defcustom server-temp-file-regexp "^/tmp/Re\\|/draft$"
(defcustom server-temp-file-regexp "\\`/tmp/Re\\|/draft\\'"
"Regexp matching names of temporary files.
These are deleted and reused after each edit by the programs that
invoke the Emacs server."
:group 'server
:type 'regexp)
(defcustom server-kill-new-buffers t
......@@ -248,7 +236,6 @@ it with the Emacs server. If nil, kill only buffers as specified by
Please note that only buffers that still have a client are killed,
i.e. buffers visited with \"emacsclient --no-wait\" are never killed
in this way."
:group 'server
:type 'boolean
:version "21.1")
......@@ -278,7 +265,6 @@ If this is an absolute file name, it specifies where the socket
file will be created. To have emacsclient connect to the same
socket, use the \"-s\" switch for local non-TCP sockets, and
the \"-f\" switch otherwise."
:group 'server
:type 'string
:version "23.1")
......@@ -381,7 +367,7 @@ Updates `server-clients'."
(server-log "Deleted" proc))))
(defvar server-log-time-function 'current-time-string
(defvar server-log-time-function #'current-time-string
"Function to generate timestamps for `server-buffer'.")
(defconst server-buffer " *server*"
......@@ -549,6 +535,16 @@ Creates the directory if necessary and makes sure:
(cl-letf (((default-file-modes) ?\700)) (make-directory dir t))
(setq attrs (file-attributes dir 'integer)))
(let ((olddir (or (getenv "TMPDIR") "/tmp")))
(when (and (equal dir (format "%s/emacs" (getenv "XDG_RUNTIME_DIR")))
(file-writable-p olddir))
(let ((link (format "%s/emacs%d" olddir (user-uid))))
(unless (file-directory-p link)
;; We're using the new location, so try and setup a symlink from
;; the old location, in case we want to use an old emacsclient.
;; FIXME: Check that it's safe to use!
(make-symbolic-link dir link t)))))
;; Check that it's safe for use.
(let* ((uid (file-attribute-user-id attrs))
(w32 (eq system-type 'windows-nt))
......@@ -684,16 +680,16 @@ server or call `\\[server-force-delete]' to forcibly disconnect it."))
(when server-process
(server-log (message "Restarting server")))
(cl-letf (((default-file-modes) ?\700))
(add-hook 'suspend-tty-functions 'server-handle-suspend-tty)
(add-hook 'delete-frame-functions 'server-handle-delete-frame)
(add-hook 'suspend-tty-functions #'server-handle-suspend-tty)
(add-hook 'delete-frame-functions #'server-handle-delete-frame)
(add-hook 'kill-emacs-query-functions
;; We put server's kill-emacs-hook after the others, so that
;; frames are not deleted too early, because doing that
;; would severely degrade our abilities to communicate with
;; the user, while some hooks may wish to ask the user
;; questions (e.g., desktop-kill).
(add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'server-force-stop t) ;Cleanup upon exit.
(add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook #'server-force-stop t) ;Cleanup upon exit.
(setq server-process
(apply #'make-network-process
:name server-name
......@@ -792,7 +788,6 @@ Server mode runs a process that accepts commands from the
`emacsclient' program. See Info node `Emacs server' and
`server-start' for details."
:global t
:group 'server
:version "22.1"
;; Fixme: Should this check for an existing server socket and do
;; nothing if there is one (for multiple Emacs sessions)?
......@@ -1118,7 +1113,7 @@ The following commands are accepted by the client:
;; Remove this line from STRING.
(setq string (substring string (match-end 0)))
(setq args-left
(mapcar 'server-unquote-arg (split-string request " " t)))
(mapcar #'server-unquote-arg (split-string request " " t)))
(while args-left
(pcase (pop args-left)
;; -version CLIENT-VERSION: obsolete at birth.
......@@ -1341,7 +1336,7 @@ The following commands are accepted by the client:
(when initial-buffer
(switch-to-buffer initial-buffer 'norecord))))))
(mapc 'funcall (nreverse commands))
(mapc #'funcall (nreverse commands))
;; Delete the client if necessary.
......@@ -1441,7 +1436,7 @@ so don't mark these buffers specially, just visit them normally."
(run-hooks 'post-command-hook))
(unless nowait
;; When the buffer is killed, inform the clients.
(add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook 'server-kill-buffer nil t)
(add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook #'server-kill-buffer nil t)
(push proc server-buffer-clients))
(push (current-buffer) client-record)))
(unless nowait
......@@ -1552,8 +1547,8 @@ specifically for the clients and did not exist before their request for it."
"Ask before exiting Emacs if it has live clients."
(or (not (let (live-client)
(dolist (proc server-clients)
(when (memq t (mapcar 'buffer-live-p (process-get
proc 'buffers)))
(when (memq t (mapcar #'buffer-live-p
(process-get proc 'buffers)))
(setq live-client t)))
(yes-or-no-p "This Emacs session has clients; exit anyway? ")))
......@@ -1589,7 +1584,7 @@ starts server process and that is all. Invoked by \\[server-edit]."
(not server-process)
(memq (process-status server-process) '(signal exit)))
(server-mode 1))
(server-clients (apply 'server-switch-buffer (server-done)))
(server-clients (apply #'server-switch-buffer (server-done)))
(t (message "No server editing buffers exist"))))
(defun server-switch-buffer (&optional next-buffer killed-one filepos)
......@@ -1622,7 +1617,7 @@ be a cons cell (LINENUMBER . COLUMNNUMBER)."
(if (not (buffer-live-p next-buffer))
;; If NEXT-BUFFER is a dead buffer, remove the server records for it
;; and try the next surviving server buffer.
(apply 'server-switch-buffer (server-buffer-done next-buffer))
(apply #'server-switch-buffer (server-buffer-done next-buffer))
;; OK, we know next-buffer is live, let's display and select it.
(if (functionp server-window)
(funcall server-window next-buffer)
......@@ -1701,7 +1696,7 @@ only these files will be asked to be saved."
(dolist (buffer (buffer-list))
(set-buffer buffer)
(remove-hook 'kill-buffer-hook 'server-kill-buffer t)))
(remove-hook 'kill-buffer-hook #'server-kill-buffer t)))
;; continue standard unloading
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