Commit b685f8d6 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(find-new-buffer-file-coding-system): Reflect

text coding part of default-buffer-file-coding-system to
buffer-file-coding-system when buffer-file-coding-system is
not locally set and ASCII only text is read.
parent e3ee7487
......@@ -728,30 +728,27 @@ The local variable `buffer-file-coding-system' of the current buffer
is set to the returned value.
Return nil if there's no need of setting new buffer-file-coding-system."
(let (local-coding local-eol
found-coding found-eol
new-coding new-eol)
(if (null coding)
;; Nothing found about coding.
;; Get information of the current local value of
;; `buffer-file-coding-system' in LOCAL-EOL and LOCAL-CODING.
(if (local-variable-p 'buffer-file-coding-system)
;; Something already set locally.
;; Get information of `buffer-file-coding-system' in LOCAL-EOL
(setq local-eol (coding-system-eol-type buffer-file-coding-system))
(if (null (numberp local-eol))
;; But eol-type is not yet set.
(setq local-eol nil))
(if (null (eq (coding-system-type buffer-file-coding-system) t))
(when (and buffer-file-coding-system
(not (eq (coding-system-type buffer-file-coding-system) t)))
;; This is not `undecided'.
(setq local-coding buffer-file-coding-system)
(while (symbolp (get local-coding 'coding-system))
(setq local-coding (get local-coding 'coding-system))))
(if (and local-eol local-coding)
(if (and (local-variable-p 'buffer-file-coding-system)
local-eol local-coding)
;; The current buffer has already set full coding-system, we
;; had better not change it.
......@@ -760,15 +757,31 @@ Return nil if there's no need of setting new buffer-file-coding-system."
(if (null (numberp found-eol))
;; But eol-type is not found.
(setq found-eol nil))
(unless (eq (coding-system-type coding) t)
;; This is not `undecided'.
(setq found-coding coding)
(while (symbolp (get found-coding 'coding-system))
(setq found-coding (get found-coding 'coding-system))))
;; The local setting takes precedence over the found one.
(setq new-coding (or local-coding coding))
(setq new-eol (or local-eol found-eol))
(if (and (numberp new-eol)
(vectorp (coding-system-eol-type new-coding)))
(setq new-coding (or (and (local-variable-p 'buffer-file-coding-system)
(setq new-eol (or (and (local-variable-p 'buffer-file-coding-system)
(when (numberp new-eol)
(or new-coding
(setq new-coding 'undecided))
(if (vectorp (coding-system-eol-type new-coding))
(setq new-coding
(aref (coding-system-eol-type new-coding) new-eol)))
(aref (coding-system-eol-type new-coding) new-eol))))
;; Return a new coding system only when it is different from
;; the current one.
(if (not (eq buffer-file-coding-system new-coding))
(defun modify-coding-system-alist (target-type regexp coding-system)
"Modify one of look up tables for finding a coding system on I/O operation.
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