Commit b6ab27f7 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(ediff-highlighting, ediff-merge, ediff-hook): Finish `defgroup' description

with period.
(ediff-abbrev-jobname): "?\ " -> "?\s".
parent 3b9ae202
......@@ -393,17 +393,17 @@ It needs to be killed when we quit the session.")
(defgroup ediff-highlighting nil
"Hilighting of difference regions in Ediff"
"Hilighting of difference regions in Ediff."
:prefix "ediff-"
:group 'ediff)
(defgroup ediff-merge nil
"Merging utilities"
"Merging utilities."
:prefix "ediff-"
:group 'ediff)
(defgroup ediff-hook nil
"Hooks run by Ediff"
"Hooks run by Ediff."
:prefix "ediff-"
:group 'ediff)
......@@ -1840,7 +1840,7 @@ Unless optional argument INPLACE is non-nil, return a new string."
"Merge dir versions via ancestors")
(subst-char-in-string ?- ?\ (substring (symbol-name jobname) 6))))
(subst-char-in-string ?- ?\s (substring (symbol-name jobname) 6))))
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