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* doc/lispref/objects.texi (Char-Table Type): Add footnote about #^^.

parent b5ca9d53
2013-02-13 Glenn Morris <>
* objects.texi (Char-Table Type): Add footnote about #^^.
* modes.texi (Minor Mode Conventions): Fix typo.
2013-02-12 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -1179,7 +1179,8 @@ a whole character set.
@cindex @samp{#^} read syntax
The printed representation of a char-table is like a vector
except that there is an extra @samp{#^} at the beginning.
except that there is an extra @samp{#^} at the beginning.@footnote{You
may also encounter @samp{#^^}, used for ``sub-char-tables''.}
@xref{Char-Tables}, for special functions to operate on char-tables.
Uses of char-tables include:
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