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(Diff Mode, Misc File Ops): Describe Transient Mark mode as the

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......@@ -2597,8 +2597,8 @@ manually editing patches, and only works with the unified diff format.
@item C-c C-u
Convert the entire buffer to unified format
(@code{diff-context->unified}). With a prefix argument, convert
unified format to context format. In Transient Mark mode, when the
mark is active, this command operates only on the region.
unified format to context format. When the mark is active, convert
only the text within the region.
@item C-c C-w
Refine the current hunk so that it disregards changes in whitespace
......@@ -2638,7 +2638,9 @@ in Emacs. @xref{Misc Buffer}.
@findex insert-file
@kbd{M-x insert-file} (also @kbd{C-x i}) inserts a copy of the
contents of the specified file into the current buffer at point,
leaving point unchanged before the contents and the mark after them.
leaving point unchanged before the contents. The position after the
inserted contents is added to the mark ring, without activating the
mark (@pxref{Mark Ring}).
@findex insert-file-literally
@kbd{M-x insert-file-literally} is like @kbd{M-x insert-file},
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