Commit b6f85fd7 authored by Steven Tamm's avatar Steven Tamm
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Removing unnecessary symlink from emacs -> emacs-version

parent 876e727e
......@@ -255,13 +255,6 @@ if test "$full_dist" == "no"; then
find $sharedir/lisp $sharedir/leim -name "*.elc" -print | sed 's|\(.*\)\.elc$|/bin/rm -f \1.el|' | /bin/sh -s
if test "$app_symlink" == "yes"; then
echo "Replacing bin/emacs with a symbolic link..."
# Fix emacs symlink
rm ${installprefix}/bin/emacs
ln -s $emacsname ${installprefix}/bin/emacs
if test "$with_app" == "yes"; then
echo "Creating application"
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