Commit b70ebe37 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(dired-view-command-alist): New variable.

(dired-view-file): Use external viewers for some files names.
parent 2d246c71
......@@ -1373,17 +1373,38 @@ Creates a buffer if necessary."
(select-window (posn-window (event-end event)))
(find-file-other-window (file-name-sans-versions file t))))
(defcustom dired-view-command-alist
'(("[.]ps\\'" . "gv -spartan -color -watch")
("[.]pdf\\'" . "xpdf")
("[.]dvi\\'" . "xdvi -sidemargin 0.5 -topmargin 1"))
"Alist specifying how to view special types of files.
Each element has the form (REGEXP . SHELL-COMMAND).
When the file name matches REGEXP, `dired-view-file'
invokes SHELL-COMMAND to view the file, putting the file name
at the end of the command."
:group 'dired
:type '(alist :key-type regexp :value-type string)
:version 21.4)
(defun dired-view-file ()
"In Dired, examine a file in view mode, returning to dired when done.
When file is a directory, show it in this buffer if it is inserted;
otherwise, display it in another buffer."
When file is a directory, show it in this buffer if it is inserted.
Some kinds of files are displayed using external viewer programs;
see `dired-view-command-alist'. Otherwise, display it in another buffer."
(let ((file (dired-get-file-for-visit)))
(if (file-directory-p file)
(or (and (cdr dired-subdir-alist)
(dired-goto-subdir file))
(dired file))
(view-file file))))
(let (cmd)
;; Look for some other way to view a certain file.
(dolist (elt dired-view-command-alist)
(if (string-match (car elt) file)
(setq cmd (cdr elt))))
(if cmd
(dired-run-shell-command (concat cmd " " file))
(view-file file))))))
(defun dired-find-file-other-window ()
"In Dired, visit this file or directory in another window."
......@@ -2983,6 +3004,8 @@ Use \\[dired-hide-subdir] to (un)hide a particular subdirectory."
If FILE is a symbolic link and the optional argument DEREF-SYMLINKS is
true then the type of the file linked to by FILE is printed instead."
(autoload 'dired-run-shell-command "dired-aux")
(if (eq system-type 'vax-vms)
(load "dired-vms"))
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