Commit b71ac3dd authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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Fix typos.

parent a94b978f
......@@ -1256,7 +1256,7 @@
(ns_get_color): Use unsigned long long for scanned hex string value.
(ns_term_shutdown): Abort on non SIGTERM signals.
(EmacsPrefsController-setDefaultFont:,-setColors:): Raise the frame.
(EmacsPrefsController-setPanelFromDefaultValues) New function.
(EmacsPrefsController-setPanelFromDefaultValues): New function.
(EmacsPrefsController-resetToDefaults:): Use it. (Bug#1801)
(ns_font_to_xlfd, ns_fontname_to_xlfd): Remove, unused.
(ns_defined_color): Fix settings of the XColor variable fields:
......@@ -2723,7 +2723,7 @@
* image.c (x_clear_image_1): Under NS, call ns_free_indexed_color with
correct arguments.
* menu.c (find_and_return_menu_selection) Add cast.
* menu.c (find_and_return_menu_selection): Add cast.
2008-10-03 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -6069,7 +6069,7 @@
New functions.
* w32.c (_sys_read_ahead, sys_read, sys_write): Modify to handle
serial ports.
(serial_open, serial_configure) New functions.
(serial_open, serial_configure): New functions.
* w32.h: Add FILE_SERIAL.
(struct _child_process): Add ovl_read, ovl_write.
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