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2012-08-01 Glenn Morris <>
(IS_ANY_SEP): Move here from src/lisp.h.
......@@ -3136,6 +3136,12 @@ AC_DEFINE(CLASH_DETECTION, 1, [Define if you want lock files to be written,
so that Emacs can tell instantly when you try to modify a file that
someone else has modified in his/her Emacs.])
AH_TEMPLATE(FLOAT_CHECK_DOMAIN, [Define if the float library doesn't
handle errors by either setting errno, or signaling SIGFPE/SIGILL.])
AH_TEMPLATE(HAVE_INVERSE_HYPERBOLIC, [Define if you have the functions
acosh, asinh, and atanh.])
dnl Everybody supports this, except MS.
dnl Seems like the kind of thing we should be testing for, though.
## Note: PTYs are broken on darwin <6. Use at your own risk.
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