Commit b73e5254 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Fix coding system setup

* src/process.c (set_network_socket_coding_system): Pass in
the host/service that's been computed already.
parent e96df838
......@@ -2945,19 +2945,17 @@ usage: (make-serial-process &rest ARGS) */)
return proc;
void set_network_socket_coding_system (Lisp_Object proc)
void set_network_socket_coding_system (Lisp_Object proc,
Lisp_Object host,
Lisp_Object service,
Lisp_Object name)
Lisp_Object tem;
struct Lisp_Process *p = XPROCESS (proc);
Lisp_Object contact = p->childp;
Lisp_Object service, host, name;
Lisp_Object coding_systems = Qt;
Lisp_Object val;
service = Fplist_get (contact, QCservice);
host = Fplist_get (contact, QChost);
name = Fplist_get (contact, QCname);
tem = Fplist_member (contact, QCcoding);
if (!NILP (tem) && (!CONSP (tem) || !CONSP (XCDR (tem))))
tem = Qnil; /* No error message (too late!). */
......@@ -3931,7 +3929,7 @@ usage: (make-network-process &rest ARGS) */)
p->gnutls_boot_parameters = tem;
set_network_socket_coding_system (proc);
set_network_socket_coding_system (proc, service, host, name);
unbind_to (count, Qnil);
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