Commit b766f867 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* process.c (make_serial_process_unwind, send_process_trap):

(sigchld_handler): Now static.
parent be02381c
2011-03-17 Paul Eggert <>
* process.c (make_serial_process_unwind, send_process_trap):
(sigchld_handler): Now static.
* process.c (allocate_pty): Let PTY_ITERATION declare iteration vars.
That way, the code declares only the vars that it needs.
* s/aix4-2.h (PTY_ITERATION): Declare iteration vars.
......@@ -2724,7 +2724,8 @@ usage: (serial-process-configure &rest ARGS) */)
/* Used by make-serial-process to recover from errors. */
Lisp_Object make_serial_process_unwind (Lisp_Object proc)
static Lisp_Object
make_serial_process_unwind (Lisp_Object proc)
if (!PROCESSP (proc))
abort ();
......@@ -5476,7 +5477,7 @@ read_process_output (Lisp_Object proc, register int channel)
jmp_buf send_process_frame;
Lisp_Object process_sent_to;
static SIGTYPE
send_process_trap (int ignore)
......@@ -6385,7 +6386,7 @@ process has been transmitted to the serial port. */)
indirectly; if it does, that is a bug */
#ifdef SIGCHLD
static SIGTYPE
sigchld_handler (int signo)
int old_errno = errno;
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