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(Operating on Files): Document dired-dwim-target.

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......@@ -465,6 +465,15 @@ on all those files.
Otherwise, the command operates on the current file only.
@end itemize
@vindex dired-dwim-target
@cindex two directories (in Dired)
Commands which ask for a destination directory, such as those which
copy and rename files or create links for them, try to guess the default
target directory for the operation. Normally, they suggest the Dired
buffer's default directory, but if the variable @code{dired-dwim-target}
is non-@code{nil}, and if there is another Dired buffer displayed in the
next window, that other buffer's directory is suggested instead.
Here are the file-manipulating commands that operate on files in this
way. (Some other Dired commands, such as @kbd{!} and the @samp{%}
commands, also use these conventions to decide which files to work on.)
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