Unverified Commit b7d6bb47 authored by Yuan Fu's avatar Yuan Fu
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; * lisp/treesit.el (treesit-font-lock-fontify-region): Minor fix.

The check for treesit--font-lock-fast-mode is not really necessary,
but anyway.
parent 0c6bfedd
......@@ -987,7 +987,8 @@ If LOUDLY is non-nil, display some debugging information."
(end-time (current-time)))
;; If for any query the query time is strangely long,
;; switch to fast mode (see comments above).
(when (and (> (time-to-seconds
(when (and (null treesit--font-lock-fast-mode)
(> (time-to-seconds
(time-subtract end-time start-time))
(if (> treesit--font-lock-fast-mode-grace-count 0)
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