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Minor fixes.

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2009-01-31 Glenn Morris <>
* b2m.1: Minor fixes.
2008-12-14 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* ebrowse.1: Fix typos. Add more to the "SEE ALSO" section.
.\" See section COPYING for copyright and redistribution information.
.TH b2m 1
b2m \- convert RMAIL Babyl format to Unix mailbox format
b2m \- convert old Emacs Rmail Babyl format to mbox format
.B b2m
.I babyl-file
.I mbox-file
.B b2m
accepts Babyl format (as used by
accepts Babyl format mail (as used by older versions of
.BR Rmail
.BR "GNU Emacs" )
mail on standard input, and converts it to Unix mail format on
standard output. This program is distributed with
on standard input, and converts it to mbox format on standard output.
Babyl was the storage format used by Rmail prior to Emacs 23.1. Since
then, it uses standard mbox format. This program is distributed with
.BR "GNU Emacs" .
......@@ -27,7 +32,7 @@ Display basic usage information.
The Babyl format is described in the file
.B etc/BABYL
in the Emacs distribution.
.B Rmail
is documented in the GNU Emacs manual, which you can read using
.BR Info ,
either from Emacs or as a standalone program.
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