Commit b840b299 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(xftfont_has_char): Special handling of `ja' and `ko' adstyle.

parent d7782105
......@@ -467,16 +467,28 @@ xftfont_done_face (f, face)
extern Lisp_Object Qja, Qko;
static int
xftfont_has_char (font, c)
Lisp_Object font;
int c;
struct xftfont_info *xftfont_info;
struct charset *cs = NULL;
if (FONT_ENTITY_P (font))
return ftfont_driver.has_char (font, c);
&& charset_jisx0208 >= 0)
cs = CHARSET_FROM_ID (charset_jisx0208);
else if (EQ (AREF (font, FONT_ADSTYLE_INDEX), Qko)
&& charset_ksc5601 >= 0)
cs = CHARSET_FROM_ID (charset_ksc5601);
if (cs)
return (ENCODE_CHAR (cs, c) != CHARSET_INVALID_CODE (cs));
xftfont_info = (struct xftfont_info *) XFONT_OBJECT (font);
return (XftCharExists (xftfont_info->display, xftfont_info->xftfont,
(FcChar32) c) == FcTrue);
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