Commit b8cbdf43 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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version 1.28.8

(fortran-indent-to-column): Make turning of lines that begin with
`fortran-continuation-string' into properly formated continuation
lines work for fortran TAB mode.

Cleaned up some doc strings.

(fortran-abbrev-help, fortran-prepare-abbrev-list-buffer): Use
`insert-abbrev-table-description' and make buffer in abbrevs-mode.

Many changes since version 1.28.3.   Added auto-fill-mode, support
for some Fortran 90 statements.  Adjust comments to conform to new
gnu conventions.

(fortran-mode): Fix `comment-line-start-skip' by changing \\1 to
\\2 and include cpp statements in matching.  Changes for auto fill.

(fortran-auto-fill-mode, fortran-do-auto-fill,
fortran-break-line): New functions to implement auto fill.

(fortran-indent-line, fortran-reindent-then-newline-and-indent):
Added auto fill support.

(find-comment-start-skip, is-in-fortran-string-p): New functions.

(fortran-electric-line-number): Works better in overwrite mode.

(fortran-indent-comment, fortran-indent-line,
fortran-indent-to-column):  Use find-comment-start-skip instead of
searching for `comment-start-skip'.

(fortran-mode, calculate-fortran-indent): Added indentation
for fortran 90 statements.

(fortran-next-statement, fortran-previous-statement): Bug fixes.

(fortran-mode, calculate-fortran-indent,
fortran-setup-tab-format-style, fortran-setup-fixed-format-style):
`fortran-comment-line-column' meaning changed.  Now defaults to 0.
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