Commit b8e18b63 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Improve documentation of 'set-fontset-font'

* doc/lispref/display.texi (Fontsets): Document the value of nil
for the 3rd argument of 'set-fontset-font'.
parent d6dfefe4
......@@ -3304,6 +3304,9 @@ fontset, whose short name is @samp{fontset-default}.
@var{character} may be a script name. In that case, use
@var{font-spec} for all character in the charsets.
@var{font-spec} may be a font-spec object created by the function
@code{font-spec} (@pxref{Low-Level Font}).
@var{font-spec} may be a cons; @code{(@var{family} . @var{registry})},
where @var{family} is a family name of a font (possibly including a
foundry name at the head), @var{registry} is a registry name of a font
......@@ -3311,6 +3314,12 @@ foundry name at the head), @var{registry} is a registry name of a font
@var{font-spec} may be a font name string.
@var{font-spec} may be @code{nil}, which explicitly specifies that
there's no font for the specified @var{character}. This is useful,
for example, to avoid expensive system-wide search for fonts for
characters that have no glyphs, like those from the Unicode Private
Use Area (PUA).
The optional argument @var{add}, if non-@code{nil}, specifies how to
add @var{font-spec} to the font specifications previously set. If it
is @code{prepend}, @var{font-spec} is prepended. If it is
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