Commit b8f74366 authored by Daniel Colascione's avatar Daniel Colascione
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Backport fix for execvp issue from trunk

parent 463d6319
2013-02-03 Daniel Colascione <>
* emacs.c: Use execvp, not execv, when DAEMON_MUST_EXEC, so that
daemon mode works on cygw32 when Emacs is installed and not just
during development.
2013-02-01 Eli Zaretskii <>
* callproc.c (Fcall_process): Make sure program name in PATH and
......@@ -1036,7 +1036,7 @@ Using an Emacs configured with --with-x-toolkit=lucid does not have this problem
argv[skip_args] = fdStr;
execv (argv[0], argv);
execvp (argv[0], argv);
fprintf (stderr, "emacs daemon: exec failed: %d\n", errno);
exit (1);
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